The sequel


This comic is a callback to this one.


This week has been an avalanche of bad news.

Here's an uplifting speech from one of my favorite movies. ("Pride")

If you're in Los Angeles, here is a link to a list of representative you could write to and a sample letter to help you get started.

 Asian Americans are also crowdsourcing a letter to explain Black Lives Matter to their relatives.






Between Brexit, the past week's Batman-like political combat in the House and Senate, Trump's pile-of-lead-pipes-loosely-tied-in-a-pickup-truck-speeding-down-the-highway campaign prowess, the murder of Jo Cox, and the massacre in Orlando... it's been an ominous couple of weeks. If I were a psychic, I'd be freaking out.


You should be interested in Brexit.

Here's John Oliver's bit on it.

NPR's Politics Podcast and Planet Money did some brief, informative reporting today. Here, also, is an interesting bit about the country's Google patterns as the results were coming out. You can, of course, get more up-to-the-minute information from the BBC.

 The razor thin margin in the vote calls up a lot of intense feelings. Any time someone says, "I didn't think my vote would matter," my heart flips.

There's a reason Planet Money's podcast was rushed and brief. A lot of people didn't think it could really happen. They didn't prepare for this. 

November is coming. Prepare your vote.


Jem and the Holograms Kickstarter

A little more than two days left on the Jem kickstarter and just a little more than 2K left to be raised!

Push'em over the edge! If the gang meets their goal by noon on Saturday (2/20), every donor will receive this exclusive Jem poster designed by the Sassquach!

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A World Beyond!


I made a prop comic book for a friend's film. The interior has nothing much to do with the cover. (I really like the story implied by the cover.)


Time Management: the Sassquach way!


It's really hard to escape your inner critic, especially when you're staring down the barrel of a deadline.

I've had a crazy couple of deadline-packed months and this is more or less how I got through it.